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Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Different Cultures Shape the Brain - Sharon Begley - Newsweek.com

Drmedia says,
This is a very interesting article. It's premise, how the Brain is shaped by culture, sidesteps smartly, the more central question of how personality is shaped by culture and how culture is created by thought. The effort to reduce our complex world to neuroscientific models is not new, and can be interesting, however the attempt to reduce the complexities of culture and mind to neurology is an age old effort to avoid the complexities of understanding human understanding and instead look at neurology. Afterall neurology can't tell you to shut up .
Another thing, how about how the culture of the internet shapes the brain, mind, personality, sense of self, etc.

How Different Cultures Shape the Brain - Sharon Begley - Newsweek.com: "Cultural neuroscience"

Sharon Begley

West Brain, East Brain,what a difference culture makes.