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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Professor of small films

Schamus vision of Narrative seeing so elegantly articulated here, is a concept that goes far beyond film.
This attitude and approach can be applied to ones company, website, indeed ones life .
I call this storification, he calls it narrative seeing. It is the process of organizing information in a coherent structured holistic way with the intent of telling an emotionally engaging story.
The degree of storification is directly proportionate to the level of understanding of the listener/viewer/experiencer.
The storification process combines personal mythology and social mythology in creating a unique and original story.
See my website for further info.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Drugs and the media

This article from alternet by Martha Rosenberg Is about how big pharma pushes drugs direct to consumers and enables self diagnosis and medication.
What's most critical is the use of tv, the Internet , and the illusion of giving people real information they can use.
This idea is true throughout many industries , information is what its all about. Problem is being able to understand the info and use it.
That would require in the case of drugs at minimum a a degree in bioscience,which we all have Right?

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