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Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi Gang well do no evil now apparently includes joint invests with the spooks to monitor all those cat videos and drink location updates.
Bulletin, and Dr Media knows something about this semantic tech , they can't distinguish between irony and sarcasm in attitudes or especially unstructured data.This complex speech acts are out of range.
Let alone images.
Are your secrets safe , not sure, but from this tech, for now, yes,


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amazon looks on longingly as Netflix delivers 61% of digital video

Well here we go, everyone is going try to eat a piece of Netflicks biz.While Amazon is late to the gate, just remember, they know more about peoples choses and interests than anyone.Now can knowing peoples reading interests help to know their movie interests, you bet. Don't count them out of this race.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Facebook's 'Dark Knight' may be Netflix's dark day

Hi all,
Well here you go, Netface rises. You know the head of Comcast, I think was, said something about Netflicks dreaming if it thought it would dominate streaming movies.
Of course Netflicks has made some of its own moves, so not wise to say they are going to go away, afterall AOL is still with us. This does indicate that the IPTV race is just beginning, with Apple TV and Google TV just coming to the fore and the cable companies fighting to create multiple screen release points, disruption continues, stay tuned.
Let me know if you watched the movie and what you thought.

Facebook's 'Dark Knight' may be Netflix's dark day